When Stars Align

SGF Associate Card Partner

When Stars Align



WSA is a product design studio established in Singapore. They aim to translate 12 distinct personalities of the zodiacs in astrology through art & design, into merchandises and gifts.

Promo Period:

19th May onwards

Promo Type:

Promo Code:
STGB20 and 20% off at their storefront

Promo Description:

  • The discount code will be StGabriel20
  • The Discount offered will be 20%, code is not stackable with any other discount codes that are available.
  • Discount code is applicable for St Gabriel’s Foundation members only.
  • As of this email, we will be offering 20% for Brick-and-Mortar business exclusively at our Studio
    (Address: 1 Yishun Industrial Street 1, A’Posh BizHub, #08-08, Singapore 768160)
  • Members may be aware that our merchandises are currently available at departmental stores (Isetan and Takashimaya as of this email. We would like to reiterate that there will be NO discounts applicable for departmental stores.
  • WSA current conduct workshops for Faux Floral arrangements. StGabriel members who are keen should email us directly for a separate invoice.
  • We regret to inform members that workshops conducted in departmental stores will not be entitled to any discounts apart from what the departmental store extends. However, members are welcomed to contact WSA for any workshops they are interested in and separate, exclusive workshops can be arranged for members only. Discounted prices will be extended and conducted in our studio.