Boys' Town

"to those whom the world rejects, must move you the most"

About BT

Boys’ Town is a Catholic charity that provides residential care, street outreach, fostering, clinical intervention, adventure therapy and family reunification for children and youth in need and their families.

Boys’ Town helps both boys and girls, from infants to young adults who come from disadvantaged families and may have faced hardships due to financial struggles, family issues, emotional trauma, or abuse. Through the services, Boys’ Town equips them with the skills they need to become responsible and contributing members of society.

The Birth of Boys' Town

After Japanese Occupation ended in 1948, Brother Vincent, a member of the Brothers of St. Gabriel restarted St. Joseph’s Trade School and Orphanage to be the current Boys’ Town. Mr. William Thomas McDermott, an Australian businessman and philanthropist, helped raise funds and modelled the institution after the original Boys’ Town in Nebraska, United States.

The idea of Boys’ Town was conceptualized when Brother Vincent and Mr. McDermott met during the Japanese Occupation at Changi Prison. They discovered a common interest in helping disadvantaged youth after seeing the plight of orphans who had lost their homes and families.


A C.A.R.I.N.G milieu


To help children and youth in need become socially integrated, responsible and contributing members of society


Care and Concern


(Ownership, Nurturing, Empowering)

Empowering youths today to be better adults and parents tomorrow


Boys’ Town is moving towards being a one-stop children and youth centre. Evolving with the community’s needs, Boys’ Town now provides a myriad of services for children and youth in need.

Key Services

Residential Services
Clinical Intervention Centre
Fostering Services
Adventure Centre
Safe and Strong Families - Reunification

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  Board of Directors

As an organisation, Boys’ Town is under the auspices of the SGF which was set up by the Brothers of St. Gabriel in 2001. The Board of Directors continue the mission of education and to administer and manage the schools and organisations set up by the Gabrielite Brothers. See below for a list of our board members.

Board Member (Chairman)
Appointments (Member)
Human Resource (Member)

Mr. Bruno Lopez

Board Member
Appointments (Chair)
Case Review & Programmes (Chair)
Estate & Building (Member)

Bro Dominic Yeo Koh

Board Member
Investment (Chair)
Appointments (Member)
Audit & Compliance (Member)
Fundraising (Member)

Mr. Edmund Lim

Board Member
Finance (Chair)

Mr. Gabriel Khoo

Board Member
Estate & Building (Chair)
Finance (Member)

Mr. Bonaventure Lek

Board Member
Audit & Compliance (Chair)

Mr. Ian De Vaz

Board Member
Fundraising (Chair)
Case Review & Programmes (Member)

Ms. Valerie Tay

Board Member
Human Resource (Chair)
Case Review & Programmes (Member)

Ms. Irene Chiam

Board Member
Audit & Compliance (Member)
Case Review & Programmes (Member)
Estate & Building (Member)
Investment (Member)

Mr. Leon Ng

Board Member
Finance (Member)
Fundraising (Member)

Mr Andre Arul

Board Member
Human Resource (Member)
Fundraising (Member)

Mr. Philip Yeap

Board Member

Mr. Bernard Lim Aik Kwang

   Contact Information

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