SGF Movie Charity 2023

Lights, Camera, Education!
Fuel our holistic programmes and get a Pass to a Cinematic Journey!

Greetings from St Gabriel’s Foundation!

We're thrilled to unveil a special project that combines the magic of cinema with the power of giving:

Charity Movie 2023
(1st August – 31st October 2023).

This isn't just any fundraiser; it's a celebration of the incredible journeys and stories from our inclusive educational programmes. Through the lens of this initiative, you'll witness the resilience, dreams, and aspirations of our students and their supportive parents.

Why support Charity Movie 2023 fundraiser?

Genuine Stories: This initiative showcases real-life narratives. The photos and tales shared by our students and parents are bound to inspire and touch hearts.

Sustain Our Mission: Your support ensures that our foundation continues to offer these invaluable educational programmes, making a difference in countless lives of our children and youths.

Community Impact: Every contribution, big or small, strengthens our community. It's a testament to the belief that together, we can create a more inclusive and understanding world for the last, the lost, the least.

For every $50 donated, we are giving back a token of our appreciation - a Golden Village movie ticket voucher! Your generosity not only supports our mission but also gets you a ticket to your next cinematic adventure. You are also welcomed to make a donation of any amount. Donations of S$500 and above will be eligible for 250% of tax deduction.

We understand there's a myriad of causes vying for your attention and support. But if you believe in the power of inclusive education and development programmes for our children & youths, then our Charity Movie 2023 fundraiser is the perfect blend of both.

Join us in this cinematic journey of giving.
Let's make a difference, one ticket at a time:

✅ Paynow: UEN 200105928G
✅ Cheque: To be made payable to "ST GABRIEL'S FOUNDATION"
       Indicate at the back "SGFCM2023" , your name/organisation and contact number

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