SGF Charity Concert 2019

O f f i c i a l  E v e n t

SGF Charity Concert

Be Moved!  The SGF needs your help


Talented Performers
from our SGF Institutions!

Date & Time

8th June 2019
Saturday, 7PM


National University of Singapore
UCC Hall

Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel

The religious congregation of the Montfort Brothers of St Gabriel is a Catholic organization which has been in Singapore since 1936. Since their arrival, seven institutions have been established, namely, Assumption English School, Assumption Pathway School, Boys’ Town, Montfort Junior School, Montfort Secondary School, St Gabriel’s Primary School and St Gabriel’s Secondary School.  Initially, most of these institutions were set up to provide education to the poor and under privileged.  Evolving with needs of society, these seven institutions today continue to cater to those whom the world rejects and also those who desire a good Catholic education. This is expressed mainly through the Montfort Education Charter (MEC).

Why is there a need for the SGF?

Owing to the decline in vocations to religious life, there are not enough brothers left to effectively run the schools. To continue the Brothers’ mission, the SGF was established in 2001 to continue the good work of the Brothers in Singapore. Amongst others, the SGF conducts induction courses to introduce the MEC to new staff of our institutions. The Foundation is managed by a Board of Governors consisting of both brothers and lay people.

What is the Montfort Education Charter?

In the MEC, we imbibe the spirit of our founder, St Louis Marie de Montfort, and put into practice Montfortian Education for the 21st Century. For example, we place the child at the center of our education mission, placing the best interests of the child before all else; we transform children to be spiritually inspired individuals who are just and respectful in all relationships; and we measure excellence by the child’s journey on attaining wisdom. In two of our institutions, we cater to children that are often overlooked by mainstream society – children-at-risk and those who have difficulty passing their PSLE.

To view our MEC eBook, do head on to Resources -> MEC

Why are we appealing for donations?

To fully implement the Montfortian Education Charter in our institutions, we need to rely on our benefactors as most of the projects undertaken are not considered as standard activities funded by MOE.

We therefore appeal to your generosity, as a stakeholder of the SGF institutions, to help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 through this concert. All donors to the SGF will be entitled to 250% tax deduction (if applicable).

Getting tickets to the SGF Charity Concert

Step 1: Knowing your Concert Ticket Type

We will issue you Complimentary Concert tickets for your donations to the SGF.
Please refer to the table below for different Concert ticket types.

Ticket TypeDonation amount per Ticket
Platinum Ticket$1,000
Gold Ticket$500
Silver Ticket$100

Step 2: Choosing your Donation Method

There are two ways to make the donation: Online and Offline

Offline Donations
via Cheque

I. Make the cheque payable to St. Gabriel's Foundation.

II. Download and complete the Charity Concert Reply Slip 

Download SGF Concert Reply Slip

III. Seal the completed Reply slip together
with the Cheque in an envelope, and mail it to:

SGF c/o Boys’ Town,
624 Upper Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 678212

Step 3: Collecting your Tickets

You will receive an acknowledgement email from us confirming your purchase.
A follow-up email will be sent within 14 working days with the ticket information, tax-deductible receipt and other details.

Event Inquiries

Please do use the form below should you have any inquiries on the Charity Concert, or other aspects of the SGF. We will get back to you within 7 working days.

Alternatively, to contact us directly for Charity Concert-related matters:  |  6510 7070

General Inquiries:  |  6769 5711


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