Bob The Baker Boy

Bob the Baker Boy is Singapore’s leading healthy customised cakes specialist. We pride ourselves in using soft and moist chiffon cake layers, and we are lower in sugar than regular customised cakes. Our cakes are diabetic friendly – Guests with diabetes may enjoy our cakes in moderation.


Berrybar is one of Singapore’s only chocolate boutiques specializing in chocolate-covered strawberries. They use only fresh, imported strawberries, which are coated daily and delivered to your doorsteps.

BOAT Bakery

BOAT Bakery is a homebased bakery which specialises in made to order bakes. Bringing healthier alternatives to traditional desserts by using wholesome ingredients that nourish the body and soul.

Tai Keng Healthy Fruits

Your go-to online fruits store, established with passions and drive to sell and serve our customers the finest, freshest, and highest quality of handpicked fruit from the most respected growers at the best price. Promo Code: SGxTK6


A Exotic & Seasonal Fruit business that imports directly from overseas farms! Fruitealle is a Singapore-based business that delivers premium fruits directly to your doorstep. Promo Type: Online Promo Code – stgabriel10


Nanatang started off as an online bakery in 2013 and today, it is a studio and bakehouse that caters for the latest cake trends to bring you exciting workshops and insta-worthy cakes. It was created as a space to bring together beautiful people to create beautiful things, a space where it’s normal to hear “cake is life”.

Promo Code: SGF15