History & Milestones

Find out more about how the SGF came to be - our roots and significant checkpoints

How it all began

In 1936, the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel (MBSG) arrived in Singapore and began facilitating the formation of the Gabrielite institutions. This was during a period when proper, systematic education was scarce locally. As Singapore grew increasingly prosperous, the Brotherhood began to refocus their manpower and efforts to the neighboring 3rd world countries. By the 1990's, nearly all the Brothers have been withdrawn from the 7 Gabrielite institutions.

The changing scene of Education in the 1990’s has led to a need to set-up Management Committees that will look after a smaller grouping of the Gabrielite schools and institutions. This will give greater attention for each particular school and institution by their respective Management Committee. This thus led to the formation of one 'mega' Board of Management, for a long time under the chairmanship of the Late Dr. Ee Peng Liang and later on by Mr. Joseph Hoo.

In lieu of the both the changes in the Brotherhood's focus and the local Education scene, the idea was then mooted by Mr. Lim Boon Heng to have a official umbrella body to take over the running of the schools and institutions of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in Singapore. It was declared that this foundation is not intended to replace the Brothers, but will facilitate the process of change-over if ever it is required.

In creation of this Foundation, it has created opportunities for greater partnerships between the Brothers and those who identify with and participate in the mission - the service of caring and educating those who are most in need. Till this day, the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel play an active role in leading and facilitating the SGF.


Photo: Current Brothers in partnership with the SGF

Creation of the SGF
  • Conception

    First draft of the Foundation’s Memorandum of Association (MOA) amd Articles of Association (AOA) were out for study and comments

  • Finalizing Documentation

    Adopted the final copy of the MOA and AOA

  • Began Official Registration

    The pioneering members of the SGF began the process of registration

  • Registered as a Company

    Incorporated under the Companies Act, Cap. 50 on 7th September 2001 as a Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No. 200105928G)

  • Registered as a Charity

    Registered as a Charity under the Charities Act (Charity No. 1530)

  • Membership with NCSS

    Registered as a member of National Council of Social Service (NCSS) and its Charitable Fund membership (membership reference number: CFG030008)

Present Day, 2018

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